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Back in 2015 my husband and I set out to change our lives. We packed up and moved to the east coast to seek something different. Since then we have expanded our wanders through parts of the United States we may have never seen if we hadn’t moved. For as long as I could remember I’ve continually wanted to move, travel and just experience. Currently, I have a career that’s given me great insight into the world then I would have ever dreamed. It’s what got me (and my husband) to move. At some point, I’ll write about what GIS has done for me. But for now, my intro will stay topical.

An interesting thing has happened since moving; I began to feel more deeply about the “where’s” that made me. I was born in Hawaii and came from a multi-cultural family that includes deep Hawaiian roots. When I was eleven we moved to Oregon, where I spent most of my life. It’s the place where I met my husband. It’s where we got married. It’s where I made life-long friendships. Although I was a resident of Oregon for most of my life I never forgot my first home and my important cultural roots.

My husband has pointed out that since moving to the east coast he has seen me take more of an interest in “where I am from”. Maybe this is due to simply aging and wanting to hold on to parts for the past. Maybe it’s because I feel inspired by others to continue to tell my stories. Or maybe it’s because a conversation is important and our where is inevitable. I’ve come to realize that distance can be the physical boundary between cultures, a conversation shouldn’t.

I’ve wanted to write a blog about my experiences living “elsewhere” for some time now; about how moving to Oregon felt as an eleven-year-old versus not living in Oregon as a thirty-something.  I’ve wanted to share parts of my family history I’ve never known; about mothers great-great-grandfather from China. Two jobs, two states, one wedding, and one attempt at a “creative work from home business”, I’ve come back to the blogging world and I’m ready to share it with you.

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